MAIS is run by the Al-Anon and Alateen groups in metro Atlanta. Each group can send one voting representative to the MAIS meeting. Each district can send one voting representative to the MAIS Board meeting.

Present or past MAIS Representatives can stand for MAIS Chair and Treasurer. Present or immediate past MAIS Board members can stand for Board Chair.

Any Al-Anon may stand for the remaining elected committee chair and officer positions. The committee chairs and officers serve three-year terms.

Click on the position below to read a summary of their primary responsibilities and to contact them directly.

1 Archives Chair
2 Alateen Chair
3 Anniversary Chair
4 CenterPoint Editor
5 Institutions Chair
6 Liaison to the Area
7 Literature Chair
8 MAIS Board Chair
9 MAIS Chair
10 MAIS Office 404-687-0467
11 PI/CPC Chair
12 Secretary
13 Schedules Chair
14 Telephone Volunteers Chair
15 Treasurer
16 Website Chair